Automated Trading

FiboGroup launched automated trading service

What is automated trading service:

Automated trading  is a powerful and flexible system that allows you to copy the trades of experienced traders from around the world even when you are away from the computer. The forex trading software allows you to dictate how much control you take with automated, semi-automated & manual trading options.

Advantages of automated trading

  • Trading signals allow traders to copy operations of other traders who are signal providers. Using their Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 terminals, subscribers can perform automated trading operations.
  • Experienced traders or their expert advisers can act as signal providers.
  • All of the signals have a detailed trading history and statistics so you can examine them before you subscribe.
  • Some of the signals are free of charge; others require a weekly or monthly fee to be paid to the trader or provider of the signal.
  • All trading signals are summarized in a table which helps you to make a choice according to your investment preferences.
  • You can sign up as well as terminate your subscription at any time.
  • Automated Forex and CFD trading can be either performed by trading robots, Meta Trader expert advisors or MetaQuotes trading signals service.

How automated trading works

Automated trading service allows traders to copy operations of other traders who are signal providers.

In this case, signal is a buy or sell order. These orders can be opened “manually”; however the main signal providers are trading robots.

Experienced traders can act as signal providers, thus allowing other traders to copy their deals. Some signal providers share their trade for free, others require a certain fee. All traders can take advantage of our automated trade service. In fact a trader copies the operation of the signal provider, keeping profit.

How to subscribe to automated trading

  • If you do not have an account, complete the trading account registration form;
  • Get a login and password to the MT4/MT5 terminal by e-mail;
  • Start the MetaTrader terminal (you may either have a demo or real account);
  • Enter your login and password;
  • Go to the “Settings” window (menu “Service” -> “Settings” or CTRL + O);

Automated Trading

  • Enter login and password in the “Community” tab (if you do not have an account – you should sign up).
  • In the “Terminal” window go to the “Signals” tab (open/hide the window CTRL+T).

Automated Trading

  • Choose the signal you are interested in and go to the statistics page (double click on the line);
  • If you like its values and indices, sign up to this signal. The subscription to the signal source will be in force within a month starting from the current moment.

Automated Trading

  • The following parameters shall be indicated in the “Settings” window:
  • terms to terminate copying deals of the provider;
  • limits of difference in spreads (size of allowed price variance of order execution);

Automated Trading

  • The settings are completed, now trading operations from the selected provider are copied in the automatic mode immediately in the MetaTrader 4 terminal.
  • You can also subscribe to signals on page TOP МТ4\МТ5 signals.

Automated Trading

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